I’ve needed my ass kicked for a while now. I set out to launch this first post 10 months ago. And no, I haven’t been too busy…I’ve been doing all the things I shouldn’t. Letting perfect be the enemy of good, paralysis by analysis, and all those very cheesy, but very apt sayings that boil down to one thing: getting in my own way.

For someone in tech, I’m a bit of a luddite. I mean, I’m starting a blog in 2021 2022…I grew up when LiveJournal was just becoming big and yet here I am now, writing my first blog. But I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and begin writing things down because I realized I actually do have a point-of-view that may (or may not) be worth sharing. Historically, I’ve had many opinions (some terrible) but now that I’m climbing up that figurative hill of life (or running, as Summer 2022 will have us remember), I feel I finally have direction.

So what should you expect from this weekly (oh god, that’s not going to happen), monthly, maybe bi-annual blog series. It’s going to be all about content—sort of. It’s going to be about creating content, but not the content itself. What does this mean? I won’t talk about the ideal number of words for your blog post or SEO (that’s not my bag, baby), but I will talk about how you can leverage technical tools to your advantage, how you can “appropriate” (technology appropriation, not cultural appropriation) from other fields to make your content better, and I will talk (a hell of a lot, probably) about content operations and process improvements because I’m damn good at them.

In case that didn’t entice you, you’ll also get some great (and totally unrelated) cat content, like the two rascals below.

Photograph of Becca's two cats: Oscar and Mick sitting together on a perch in front of a window, looking back at the camera.